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AC Smart Switch

by Austin's Creations

SKU: OXRS-AC-smartswitch

Austin's Creations Smart Switch

A 3D Printable Smart Switch

Designed with lots of features, with the thought of backup control to avoid failures, while also maximizing cost vs the features you get. This smart switch can function as a wifi / etehrnet device completely seperate from an LSC or can work in conjunction. extra functions such as Temperature, Humidity, LUX, LED control require wifi / ethernet connection to work.


  • ESP8266 microcontroller with WiFi.
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet.
  • Support For LSC (I2CRJ45) connection
  • Screw Termianl for 12-24v Power
  • 4x SK6812 RGBW led's per button
  • 1x 4 pin jst sh connectors to match the Stemma / qwiic connector I2C standard.
  • LUX sensor (BH1750)
  • Temp / Humidity sensor (BME280)

Supported Libraries

  • ESP SENSOR Library Link

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Maker: Austin's Creations

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