Several libraries have been created to support the OXRS eco-system with the goal to minimise the effort in writing new firmware for OXRS compatible hardware.

The diagram below shows how the libraries relate to each other;

OXRS Libraries

OXRS-SHA-RACK32-ESP32-LIBopen in new window

  • Helper library for firmware designed to run on the Rack32 controller
  • Handles initialisation and polling for ethernet, MQTT, API and LCD libraries


  • Decodes inputs from various devices like switches, buttons, rotary encoders and more
  • Keeps track of output state and handles interlocking and timers
  • Typically used with MCP23017 I/O expanders


  • REST API for device configuration
  • OTA upload of firmware updates


  • Maintains MQTT connection
  • Decodes JSON config & command payloads and passes them to your firmware for handling
  • Provides a simple API for publishing JSON status and telemetry data


  • Common status display for OXRS compatible controller with a LCD
  • Animated display of the I/O port status


  • Allows quick easy code intergration for devices with qwiic jst connection support
  • Allows the use of 5 different qwiic devices