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SuperHouse Automation Rack32 ESP32 control board

A general purpose control board for rack mount projects.

DIY rack-mount projects often require an Ethernet connection, a status display, power regulation, and other features that are not specific to the project.

This board fits into a rack-mount case and provides those common features so they don't have to be recreated every time.


  • ESP32 microcontroller with WiFi.
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet.
  • Support for both DIY (12V) PoE and 802.3af PoE.
  • Pluggable terminal block for optional external DC power input.
  • Automotive-grade voltage regulator for harsh electrical environments.
  • 6-way IDC "I2C-Breakout" header for linking to other boards.
  • 8-way IDC "SPI-LCD" header for connection to an LCD.
  • USB-C connector for loading firmware.
  • Auto power source selection between USB-C, PoE, and external DC.
  • I/O header with power, 2 x I2C ports, and second hardware serial port.
  • Micro SD card slot for config files, logs, and media storage.
  • Onboard temperature sensor.
  • Header for front-panel power LED.
  • Can be built with onboard PCB antenna or external WiFi antenna.

PoE Bypass Jumpers

The PoE bypass jumper headers are 'Red' for a reason. DO NOT insert these jumpers if you are intending to power the Rack32 via 802.3af PoE. ONLY insert them if you intend using DIY (12V) PoE, otherwise you will apply 48VDC from the 802.3af PoE source to the L78S05CV linear 5V regulator (25VDC max input voltage) and destroy it.

External I2C Hardware

DO NOT connect any external supported hardware to the 'I2CBreakout' socket while the Rack32 is powered up as this will likely cause a failure of the AP2112K LDO 3.3V regulator or the ESP32 itself. ONLY connect external supported hardware to the 'I2CBreakout' socket when the Rack32 is powered down.

Supported Firmware

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Maker Info

Maker: SuperHouse Automation

Link: https://www.superhouse.tvopen in new window

Compatible Hardware

  • Universal Input/Output (UIO) 16Port Link