3.5" 320x480 WT32-SC01

WT32-SC01 Display

This is an ESP32 powered TFT display with capacitive touch.

Sized with a 3.5inch TFT 320x480 pixel display, it has I2C touch control, and is equipped with a glass front panel making it a great platform for general prototyping but also for use in home automation.

The glass gives it a professional look, and with the size of the display it's perfect for fitting over an area slightly larger than your standard light switch.

The display is offered with two on board flash sizes, 4MB and 16MB. If you plan to have lots of pages or images uploaded you may opt for the screen with more memory.

Supported Firmware

  • OXRS-IO-TouchPanel-ESP32-FW Link

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What's the little hole in the glass at the top of the display?

You may notice a spot on the glass that isn't painted, with an SMD solderable footprint below it that has no part. The missing part is a VCNL3020 I2C proximity sensor which is not populated by default.

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